Monday, July 13, 2009

Kindred Spirits

When my two older girls were in their late teens they had a study group for younger girls and called it “Kindred Spirits.”  The emphasis was on purity, being keepers of the home and the skills that go with it. 

Since those days both Christine and Sara have courted, married, have children and homes of their own.  What a joy it was to train them up in the way of womanhood!  Certainly we are “kindred spirits!”

This year for Sara and Andrea’s birthdays we (group gift) got them sewing machines.  Soon after, I saw an article about adult ed classes, to my surprise they offered sewing classes!  We enrolled, and sewed!06-10-09 086

Homemaking 101

I was brushing up on my sewing skills over the holidays and made some aprons!  I wanted to give them as gifts but I had given my daughters and my daughter-in-law store bought aprons for Mother’s Day a couple of years ago and thought it might be redundant.  What was I thinking?  Everyone loves homemade gifts so I gave two of them to my good friend for her birthday!  She loved them!  She’s the crafty, artsy friend and I don’t think I’ve ever made her anything before.  Since then I have been on a sewing splurge and made several.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter Gardening (or not)

I left my garden to fend for itself this winter and to my delight I have had spinach and parsley growing without any damage from the recent snow and frost we had! My grandson Adin and I spent a few hours weeding the strawberry patch Saturday and saw many flowers on them. Adin is only two and learned all about worms and their benefit in the garden, He named the worm he found “Squishy!” In fact, all nine of our grandkids love the garden. I hope to let them all plant something in a special place just for them this year. They all helped pick fruits and veggies and made salsa last year! It’s a wonderful classroom!

“Yes, in the poor man’s garden grow

Far more than herbs and flowers-

Kind thoughts, contentment, peace of mind,

And joy for weary hours.” MARY HOWITT, The Poor Man’s Garden

12-04-08 041 12-04-08 045 12-04-08 04712-04-08 094 Joshua, Ben and Noah learning in the garden! I wish I had a picture of “Squishy” and Adin! Next time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Good Word

There are ten definitions in Webster's 1828 Dictionary for the word liberty.  I have chosen #5.

Religious liberty, is the free right of adopting and enjoying opinions on religious subjects, and of worshiping the Supreme Being according to the dictates of conscience, without external control.

When God Calls

He will equip. When He calls you into the Family of God, His Spirit equips you to live as a Child of His.

When He unites two people in marriage He will equip them to love and serve one another by becoming one. He will equip them to love and train their children in His ways.

Yes, he does all this but, (and I have learned to remember that three-lettered word, but), I have to be willing to let Him do a good work in me without getting in the way. It's hard to do sometimes. However, it's all self talk and listening to the Lord. I listen by reading the Word and praying.  I can discipline and renew my thinking by applying His Word to my heart and let it take root. It has to be rooted in my willing heart. And because Jesus is an intimate friend I can trust Him to instruct me, He will never require me to do anything that is not for my ultimate good.  I have to often remind myself that the way I treat others should be the way I would treat Jesus. Those reminders help me to battle negative thoughts.  With His help I can get passed anger, hurt, resentment and bitterness, forgiving myself and others.  Of course if I didn't have ugly thoughts I wouldn't know just how unbecoming I can be sometimes.

What has He called you to?